Welcome to Prapty Builders Ltd.

Today Bangladesh stands on the stage of economic emancipation. The stage is set for rapid growth and development in every sector of the economy. And the real-estate business is growing rapidly with huge expectations of people in our country.

The Real Estate industry is also experiencing significant changes now in these days. A grooming competitive style is adopted by the real-estate organizations to confirm dynamic & luxurious life for people. ‘Professionalism’ is the key word for success, nowadays and in the years to come only those companies which have a total commitment to this sector will thrive.

We, the family are constantly working towards upgrading and improving every aspect of our activity to ensure our service for making prospective situation for our clients. Be it the quality of our architectural designs or our after-sales service, the emphasis is to keep on not only improving but also creating a family type relationship. It is because of this unrelenting quest for excellence that we have earned the goodwill of so many of our existing customers and ensuring benefits of having new relations with new members still now.

Our human resource is well trained and motivated with having concern to serve people our offerings; our financial fundamentals are strong to handle sudden situations and we have an excellent goodwill in the competitive real-estate market with maintaining the actual standard of conduct. Our vision is to constantly plan all our concerns to provide the best comfort to our clients with demand. Continued development to meet clients’ expectations was always being maintained from 20 years of our age. We will continue to expand and diversify and be an example of a progressive company playing a dynamic role in the economic development of real estate industry of Bangladesh.